Sunday, March 31, 2019

Metaslice - 3.31 #sol19 Story Challenge

What have I noticed after writing 31 days straight for the fourth year in a row?

I have renewed appreciation that changing habits is hard, especially upping a routine given that hours in the day are finite. I suspect I stole time from my book-reading bucket this month to facilitate writing, viewing others' slices, and jotting comments. I can already imagine how Monday will feel like it has a hole in it: "Wait, I don't have to write today? Is this an April Fool's prank?" Then, Tuesday will follow with its next chance to hop back on the slice-writing horse.

And speaking of habits, I found myself posting later on Tuesdays during this year's Challenge whereas my weekly efforts usually land on Monday nights, soon after the invitation goes out in my timezone. The late-night slot meant I could maximize the chance something slice-worthy happened that day. See, I don't tend to be someone who starts his slices in advance; rather, they're composed extemporaneously once I sit down, on deadline. I look forward to getting back to weekly rhythms for the next 11 months, which afford me at least six whole days to trawl for slice-of-life catches.

I realized being on spring break during the Challenge's closing week proved simultaneously more and less conducive to finding writing topics. In other words: Thanks, patient readers, for indulging my deep-dive into skiing slices. I also discovered I can't totally trust the Blogger Android app when trying to post, literally, on the road. In the world of slicing, technology giveth and also -- at least until subsequent trouble-shooting -- taketh away.

Lastly, I increasingly embrace the Slice of Life Story Challenge isn't just about the slicing itself, but also the commenting (See Amanda's insightful observations.) and community-building that emerge from the concerted efforts of hundreds of participants. Thanks, leaders behind Two Writing Teachers, for creating this space and fostering the efforts of writers who spend time here, in March as well as throughout the year.


  1. Brian, when we write we grow not only our writing muscles but are respect for each other's writing styles. I appreciate your leading us to Amanda's particular slice. I did miss that one this March. During this challenge I also stole time from other loves but it was worth the time and effort to slice regularly and keep up the conversations. See you on Tuesday when we start slicing again.

  2. Another slicer commented today that the SOL Challenge is like a turn and talk. Here is a link to her slice:

  3. Dice, chop, grate, julienne, mince & SLICE... Lucky you, one of our favorite slicers!!sknahT
    !ecils eciN !dnuora lla sguH.

  4. I, too, like the late night spot, though when I'm on my game this means writing a day ahead. And personally I enjoyed the skiing slices. Thanks for the link to my post - and here's to "seeing" you on Tuesdays.