Monday, March 18, 2019

More rhyme than reason - 3.18 #sol19 Story Challenge

In a chair at the barber's, my eyes go wide
reading on the counter the glass jar just spied.
Plain white print spells out: Barbicide.
Below that, "Disinfectant, Fungicide & Virucide."
Inside, Jolly-Rancher-blue juice looks undignified,
though no doubt strong stuff, I must confide.
While my hygiene habits constitute no guide,
can't help pondering with a hit to my pride
what's crawled through my hair, then died.


  1. Haha you painted this scene perfectly and so creatively. I feel like I could see you sitting there then spotting the jar and suddenly panicking!

  2. Wow, you have created cool poetry that your barber would love. Fun!

  3. Right! The "cide" is so troubling to face, to endure when you are held captive in a barber's chair.

  4. A creative poem, but my head itches a little now...

  5. Just makes me grin and grin. I'm with JennieB - smiling, but trying not to scratch my scalp.

  6. I’m feeling a little itchy. What could that blue liquid be I’ve oftentimes pondered.

  7. Knock, knock. Who's there? Eclipse. Eclipse who? Eclipse hair! ?mirt peeK