Thursday, March 21, 2019

Over and out - 3.21 #sol19 Story Challenge

Talked to my niece by phone this afternoon on the occasion of her birthday.
Among the gifts that brightened her day was a pair of walkie-talkies.
Each required three AAA batteries, she informed me.
She was scouring her house for these while we talked.
She thought she could scavenge some from a karaoke-machine remote control.
(She figured she'd just use the buttons on the machine in the short term.)
That controller, though, only offered up a pair of batteries.
She reminded me that she needed three.
She recalled her family had purchased a 24-pack, but she had no idea where to find that mother-lode.
Then, she had her next idea: a trunk of spare pieces and parts.
In there, she found one more battery.
She now had enough portable juice to power one walkie-talkie, half way to her goal.
She sounded persistent, which I expect will eventually pay off, in batteries or other ways.


  1. You will have to share this with her when she is a teenager, searching for batteries for her game controller!

  2. In batteries or in other ways... I believe that too.