Sunday, March 24, 2019

Second close car call - 3.24 #sol19 Story Challenge

I saw the speed limit sign that announced 55, following a long stretch at 75 miles per hour. A short distance later, I saw the next sign indicating 40. What I didn't react to promptly enough was the 25, which I registered simultaneously with the police officer I passed, his vehicle cruising into the road behind me like a shark -- except sharks don't explode in tell-tale cacophonies of flashing light (and if they do, it's better I don't know).

Polite, terse exchange of words ("I pulled you over for your speed." "Yes, officer."), then documents. Short wait that felt longer than it was. More brief dialogue ("As you can see by the sign next to you, speed limit's 25." "I understand, officer." "Just going to give you a warning." "Thank you, officer."), and then back on the road where I matched the posted speed precisely at each change of its pace for the rest of today's journey.


  1. Ah, this same thing happened to me many, many years ago. Went from 55 to 45 to 30. I missed the 30. And I got a ticket!

  2. The suspense mounts after they take your license and registration. But then "Just going to give you a warning" is such a relief! I had that happen when I had two youngish kids in the car. I was relieved, but the humiliation remained. Glad you're keeping to the limit.

  3. Oof! You really keep the tension up in this short piece. I loved the description of the police car and was relieved when you only got a warning.