Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Snow days I have known - 3.12 #sol19 Story Challenge

Once, I had an extra-long commute, and I learned of the call to cancel school only after I had survived the harrowing drive to my workplace.

Once, a gas leak led to a day of no school even as the late winter weather featured sunshine with temperatures in the 60s.

Twice, multi-day closures having nothing to do with snow occurred due to crises of Old Testament proportions: namely, floods or contagious illness.

Once, a snow day landed the same day colleagues and I shaved our facial hair to mimic Civil War generals, leaving us suddenly, embarrassingly with no place to go except out in public.

And today, the sheer force of the forecast has inspired a cancellation announcement at 5:18 p.m. for school tomorrow, depriving the superstitious of their opportunity for meteorological influence.


  1. Despite my now extended school year (we have to reclaim one of our snow days), I'm sort of saddened that the chances of a snow day are in the rearview mirror. All I need now is the green of spring. I loved reliving some of your previous snow day experiences.

  2. Meterorogical influences? Like wearing pajamas inside out? Enjoy your snow day mutton chop free and full of thoughts of all the snow you’ve loved before.

  3. The Civil War shaving day takes the cake. That is a hoot. Here's hoping that you are enjoying (another) snow day today.