Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Three chairs - 3.27 #sol19 Story Challenge

Today brought numerous new chair-lift experiences:

Chairs with LED gatekeepers, the lights switching as in a racing video game from red to green when it was time for me to slide forward and have a seat.

Chairs with room for eight passengers. (Picture a big couch, except now it's whizzing uphill, hanging from a metal cable dozens of feet off the ground.) Furthermore, this flying couch featured heated seats and bubble domes, the latter of which retract automatically when time to disembark. Being outside has never felt less like being outside.

Chairs -- not heated for the record -- though still warm enough to melt flurrying snow. This necessitated my wife and I simultaneously reaching back to wipe down our sit spots as the chair swung into position, causing our helmeted heads to knock inelegantly together. While that collision didn't concuss us, it did make me recall this comic from my childhood:


  1. you'd have to be a bird brain to get on a chair lift.

  2. !sthguoht ydaeh gnigaruocnE

  3. Oh how I love the far side. And those chairlifts sound fully crazy. What will you write about when your ski week is over?

    1. Baseball? (Truth be told, I'm looking forward to downshifting to weekly writing.)

  4. LOL! I love the cartoon with the bird and how the story brought back that memory!