Saturday, March 9, 2019

Tide game - 3.9 #sol19 Story Challenge

Are the rhythms of my reading life natural? Do they ebb and flow like ocean tides? Or are other complicated elements -- intrinsic, extrinsic, implicit, explicit -- influencing what I read and when?

I'm thinking about this after an email exchange with a parent whose child is in eighth grade. She shared a familiar story of a student whose reading life has been at low tide for most of middle school, after surging through elementary school. I wonder: What's different now? What might turn the proverbial tide?

For that matter, what might turn mine? I was juggling three brain-focused books earlier this month: Proust and the Squid by Maryanne Wolf, Talent Code by Dan Coyle, and Performance Cortex by Zach Schonbrun. I've finished those, and I'm casting about for what to read next. Sure, I've got a to-read list, but nothing there is calling to me at the moment. Sounds like Sunday should feature a library or bookstore visit to go fishing...

My reading life, I realize, is the product of my priorities that become habits. Next week, I'll ask my student about his and how well they're serving him.


  1. Love that you connect your reading life to your teaching. They need to know and we can help mold and develop theirs. It is such a challenge to get kids reading vs. consuming you tube videos, but it is worth the persistent effort. Reading is a game changer. Thanks for slicing! Cheers to the late slicers.

  2. I like the way you are putting yourself in the students' shoes or better still trying to understand your student better. I really like this sentence, "My reading life, I realize, is the product of my priorities that become habits."

  3. I like that you reflect on your own reading habits as you try to help your student. I notice ebbs and flows in my own reading life (and in March it ends up really low with daily publishing). Hard to balance all the wants and needs.

  4. Great to ask them. I wish I knew about my students’ reading lives more than I do. I loved Proust and the Squid.

  5. I often wonder what shapes my students' reading lives. Many of them recall enjoying reading in elementary school only to stop - some entirely - in middle school. What happens there? I have some theories, but mostly I just feel sad. I'm glad that you plan to talk to your student. I'd love to know if he has any insights.