Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What skin wax is - 3.26 #sol19 Story Challenge

"What're you up to tonight?" my wife asks.

"Well, I still need to write."

"What do you think you'll write about?"

"I could write about our time outside today."

"Like when you got too far ahead, and I had to put on skin wax all by myself? You know, it's better to put on skin wax when someone else is there."

Me: silence

"And if you write about that make sure you tell them what skin wax is."

p.s. After waxing apart, we enjoyed this view together:


  1. This is so perfectly crafted to capture this moment. I love the "Me: silence" line especially.

  2. ?enaw & xaW. .ecnelis fo dnuos ...eciN

  3. Snort. I had no idea what skin wax was. The things I learn. The timing in this slice is perfect.

  4. i believe I still am unsure which skin you are referring to. ps. almost like al better than you. wax and wane?! awesome. Sounds of Silence?! priceless!!!

    1. Two notes in reply: (1) Beware of encouraging Al. (2) More about the skin in question -- https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/topics/snow-sports/best-climbing-skins -- requisite ingredient for those who (sometimes) forego chairlifts!

  5. I love how that snippet of conversation says it all!

  6. Your ending was so good, Brian. Since I did not know what skin wax was I connected with your link. Silence is golden and enjoying the view is magical. If you have a skiing photo and poem that you would like to offer for my winter gallery, please send it on, Brian.