Sunday, March 10, 2019

When an hour's not an hour - 3.10 #sol19 Story Challenge

If 365 days
in a typical year
total 525,600 minutes,
how it can be
that the 60 of those
(tiniest fraction of one percent)
that I fast forwarded through
when I wound ahead countless clocks
laid me so slow
based on the lethargy
that hung over me
when my alarm sounded
in this morning's thick dark?


  1. Yes - days like this wreak havoc on the system. Neat poem!

  2. Me too! Or maybe it was the wine last night. I love your line breaks.

  3. The image of winding quickly through the hour makes me pause.

  4. Thinking about that one little hour-it’s annoying how it throws off so much of what is routine for about a week. It seems like everyone is easily effected by it too. Great poem!

  5. Yeah, I still can't figure out how one hour has so much power!

  6. Tick, tock... "Here's your hickory daiquiri, Doc!" Hope you remember the set up! !sguH

  7. I imagine that you could go with that lethargy this AM in a way that you and your close friends will not be able to tomorrow. Why is it that we manipulate time? I don’t think I adjusted in the fall, so will I be better now?

  8. I love your poem! It's still a mystery to me how shifting everything just one hour can disrupt my sleep and energy for a whole week. ~JudyK :-)