Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bottled message

A week ago, I wrote about Factfulness. Today, I'll write about a TED talk called "The Happiness Advantage" that recently drifted my way among Twitter's flotsam.

Both Hans Rosling (author of the former) and Shawn Achor (speaker of the latter) manage to preserve optimism, without seeming naive. To paraphrase the former: The world can be better than I think and still have problems that demand attention.

Here's what I'm wondering now: How am I looking at the world? How could I be looking better? What data could help me see better, beyond say misleading averages, implicit biases, or cognitive distortions?

My wondering feels both large-scale -- as a citizen of said world; and small-scale -- as a teacher looking at classroom microcosms of students. While I don't know yet where my wondering is going, I'm putting this particular message in a digital bottle in the hopes it washes up on a shore where you are wondering and willing to share further thoughts.


  1. This is a great wondering. This year, I am doing my #findthejoy project -- and it is making me focus on the positive ... and I can't wait to look at the data to see what is actually making the joy....

  2. It is an interesting question to ponder. I am an optimist by nature, but find my attention to big issues ebbs and flows, depending on a number of factors, including my sense of hopefulness about and my interest in the issue.