Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sideline chatter

"Hey, Coach," the player said from a few feet away, on the field. "I know I'm supposed to be on this side of my guy, but I'm so close to the sideline already. Doesn't it make more sense to be on the other side?"

"You've got it," I said. "Let the sideline help your defense."

The player allowed himself a small smile, adjusting his position, and said, "Yeah, it's just like we learned in football."

At the time this afternoon, even though we were in the middle of an Ultimate Frisbee practice, my English teacher brain still clicked on: That's transference, it reminded me, something for which we can help create conditions, yet which relies even more on engaged, aware, purposeful learners, eager to own their progress.


  1. Exactly what I thought... learning transferred, applied in a different context. Such delights the teacher-heart!

  2. Even more powerful when the learner makes the connection.