Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Another fine mess

The calculus that ran through my head as I rattled up to the creek crossing on my mountain bike:
  1. Keep going; it doesn't look that deep.
  2. Stop! It looks muddy and your tires are going to get stuck.
  3. See those rocks and grass tufts poking up? You could probably hopscotch across those carrying your bike.
I dismounted to try that third path, grabbing the bike frame under the down tube and hosting the seat over my shoulder. My first steps proved sure from one flat rock to a grassy micro-island; my confidence bubbled, not ready for the next unreliable rock -- which sunk under my weight and tilted. The stiff sole of my right bike shoe skidded into the cold flow. Utterly off balance, I let the bicycle go as I tipped forward. I ended up elbow deep in the water, hands braced in sucking muck, saving me from a full-flopped swim.

I picked up myself and my bicycle and slopped to the other side, ruing the wet worst-case outcome of my choice. That data I factored into subsequent crossings where I tromped right through the water, soaking my feet and nothing else.


  1. This tragic moment led to new learning and great word choice like "grassy micro-island", "sucking muck", and "cold flow".

  2. Nice, spokesperson!
    !no ladeP

  3. What a fabulous & fun graphic you made of the slice logos to accompany your story! Blast that loose rock. Hope you & the bike are okay. What a nerve-wracking piece!

  4. Love your SOL graphic and your short, adventurous slice. You get an awful lot of adventure into relatively few words. I feel like this could be a mentor text, especially for the importance of word choice and connecting images/ideas. Also, you are so incredibly more outdoorsy than I am that reading your slices often makes me shake my head in wonder. Pedal on, indeed.