Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Nine people I met

My slice hiatus was caused by disconnecting from the Internet last week. Among the bonuses, I can now write micro slices about people I met while away...
  • The bed-and-breakfast proprietor's sister who joined us for the latter (not the former, which would've been awkward) and graced us with tales from her native South Africa plus frequent doses of her delightful, contagious laughter.
  • The ferry captain with penchants for high-brow food -- smoked Gouda and egg sandwich on rye toast -- and low-brow puns -- "When the fog's gone, it'll be mist."
  • The First Nations caretaker in bright-print Bahama shorts who, in a remote island location, incongruously used his cellular phone to provide a weather update about a coming storm. 
  • The architect from New Jersey, paddling with his two teenage sons who offered us toasted marshmallows and accepted in return the first Fig Newtons of their young lives.
  • The grateful Russian couple, now based in Toronto, seeking our kayaking company across a choppy, breezy channel.
  • The transit operator who testily warned passengers knocking on her vehicle's door while waiting to board that "Bus drivers need breaks too."


  1. Oh I love all these quirky characters and that you are such a student of life- always looking out for these type of details. Your first sentence about the proprietor of the bed and breakfast was CLASSIC! :) Glad you had some time to disconnect.

  2. Love your micro slices. Astounded that you introduced teen age boys to their first Fig Newtons. I would take a toasted marshmallow over a Fig Newton any day though!

  3. !ecils taerG Worth the wait!
    !dnuora lla sguH

  4. Those character seemed to be sandwiched into a nice trip.