Tuesday, August 13, 2019

They said it might rain

The trail's edges cup finger lakes,
gather temporary seas,
parted by sizzling tires into momentary waves
that fan behind me like some wild animals' tails;
my mountain bike drifting as if on crazy rails,
rain and mud spotting my sunglasses,
behind those, my eyes wide like a child's.


  1. Such imagery created of your ride in these few lines! And your Slice of Life cycling logo is quite impressive.

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  3. The imagery here is wonderful. I especially love "finger lakes" and "temporary seas". The last line really makes the poem somehow. And, as always, you make me want to get outside.
    "Temporary seas" - That one is just brilliant. Flips my perspective in all sorts of ways.

  4. Thanks for sharing your poem. Love the imagery, especially: "my mountain bike drifting as if on crazy rails".

  5. Your ability to speak volumes with so few words amazes me. I can feel the mud splashing up onto my back as I type this.