Tuesday, September 3, 2019


This blog's title -- Cast of Characters -- is a nod to writing within constraints. Years ago now, a slippery slope of tweets connected me to one of Two Writing Teachers' ambassadors (Shout out, Mrs. Sokolowski!), which opened a door to this community of writer-educators. I shifted from character limits to word limits for my first slice in 2016 and proceeded to contribute most weeks since, daily during the last three March Challenges. It's become a habit both constructive and productive, leading to a few hundred pieces of writing that wouldn't otherwise exist. Plus priceless connections to like-minded folks. The routine fostered by the Slice of Life Challenge is its own gift.

Now, though, two moments are leading me to change my mind or mindset or both: one involves a nearby educator-blogger I read regularly who announced her own writing hiatus in words that struck chords in me (Shout out,  Ms. Yeh!); the other, fittingly and unsurprisingly, unfolds from a Twitter exchange about alternate modes of writing (Shout out, Ashish!). These influences along with a dose of my own inner restlessness have me fumbling in search of alternate outlets. Energy conservation laws, meantime, necessitate me ceasing slicing to redirect what resources I have elsewhere. Or, if you'll indulge one more metaphor, it's like this blog is heading into hibernation.

I am grateful for and humbled by the cast of characters who've visited to read what's here. Thank you.