Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Coming through - 3.31 #sol20 Story Challenge

"Run through."
Words urged
by my
cross country coach.
Atop a tough climb
when I might feel
the need
to ease the pace,
his phrase
transforms punishment
into achievement.

"I crawl through it,"
A. S. King book
about harrowing
times teens
and we
can survive.

"Only way out
is through."
Macbeth's notion,
Frost's poem;
rock lyrics
mouthed by
Alanis Morissette,
belted by Bush.

Through lines,
splicing our slices
to viruses,
together flattening
a Story Challenge's
once-steep curve.


  1. Brilliant piece! I love how your minimal verse packs such a strong punch!

  2. The last stanza got me - yes, splicing slices to viruses to flatten the curve. I love it. I know I won't publish daily any more, but I'm glad I was writing and sharing when this started - definitely helped me make sense of some of it. I'm glad, too, that you came back for this challenge. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  3. In awe of your words, so cleverly crafted. I also love your last stanza-
    "Through lines,
    splicing our slices
    to viruses,
    together flattening
    a Story Challenge's
    once-steep curve."

  4. Thanks for a meaningful collection of words.

  5. Absolutely brilliant. Love it. What a treat to have you back this month. Thanks for jumping back in. You add so much and I've looked forward to reading your writing.

  6. You really 'came through' in this one. Wow. Wonderful way to end this challenge. I've loved reconnecting with you, Brian. Your commenting skills are on a par with your amazing writing skills. Stay well.

  7. Brian, another deep thinking poem to ponder. This one documents our journey through a very strange time. We are all better together. Stay safe, Brian, and check out my National Poetry Month venture. You might be interested. Off to write the post now.