Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Doork - 3.11 #sol20 Story Challenge

The street's still mostly asleep as the sun's not up yet. I stride down the sidewalk, past the doors of another bank. On this one, I see a sign taped to the inside of the plate-glass pane. It says, "Please use other door." I've noticed countless signs like this, on any number of paired doors. Yet today, I wonder for the very first time: Why default so often to the negative, the exclusive, the not-here-sucker-over-there-instead? How come it's so rare to post an inviting welcome on the one that works, announcing, "Please use this door"?


  1. There's a sign I would love to see! You know, I've never thought about this before, but now I'm going to think about it all the time. I even have two doors to my classroom... maybe tomorrow I'll add a "Please use this door" sign to the door we use. Wonder who will notice?

  2. Positivity is needed in this world, especially now, Brian.