Saturday, March 14, 2020

Everything is broken - 3.14 #sol20 Story Challenge

Yes, there's a virus among us and also:

One stair is in disrepair --  its stone aggregate cracked, flaking, a piece of rusty rebar exposed, starting to sag, a little like a loose tooth; yellow caution tape frays, having outlived what was supposed to be temporary duty. "We got the wrong-sized tread," I'm told, to explain the holdup. "The right one is on the way."

A cough from the faucet, some water, mostly air comes out, more turbulent spurts. Plumbers have been in the building, I surmise.

Rats colonize the nearby dumpster enclosure. We hear them chitter, skitter. From time to time this winter, a sentinel perches on our balcony, in search of sustenance:


  1. Broken just a little with room for improvement. A view of a predator willing to solve one problem. You’re on the right track.

  2. The rhythm of this post is just right. It's almost haunting, definitely lyrical. Something about the way it ends with the owl - the sentinel in search of sustenance. I don't know if I can quite explain, but the whole thing echoes in my chest.