Monday, March 9, 2020

Ideas are viral, too - 3.09 #sol20 Story Challenge

There's a song I remember by They Might be Giants, called "Fingertips." (Click through to listen at your own peril; it's odd.) Really, it's a bunch of song snippets compiled into one track, the musical equivalent of leftovers. In a similar spirit, I offer these three slices of today's life:

1. The school district where I teach announced that the spread of the COVID-19 virus means numerous out-of-state field trips planned for later this month have been canceled. In the email relaying that news, this statement also appeared: "Please remember that COVID-19 is a public health issue -- not the fault of any person, any country, or any ethnic group. There have been national stories recently regarding Asian Americans who have been subjected to hateful and xenophobic treatment these last few weeks... Please, care for one another. If you see or hear this kind of behavior, step in and stop it if you can."

2. I participated in several intense conversations revolving around equity work, including one that delved into culturally responsive teaching via this article and what that stance might advise for the texts we read -- or purposefully bypass -- in English Language Arts classes.

3. I noticed a sign in front of a church on my bike ride home with these words from Jonathan Edwards, a theologian and writer from the 18th century whose contributions might not make the cut in a culturally responsive classroom. The sign read, "Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs!"

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