Friday, March 6, 2020

Perfunctory slice re: worthy PD - 3.06 #sol20 Story Challenge

During staff meeting time that closed moments ago, I sat with a group of grade-level colleagues. Similar groups gathered in their own spaces. Each cohort had been charged with looking collaboratively at some sample of our work with students: an assessment, an assignment, a grade-book practice. Our principal charged us with using a version of this protocol, to give our dialogue shape as well as time limits. Each participant took a quick, informal lead presenting and we all, in turn, responded briefly to what colleagues shared.

A closure directed us to consolidate a handful of take-aways from the wide-ranging conversations. In my view, the session proved fruitful; better yet, we finished a bit ahead of schedule. Both of those circumstances felt novel compared to recent work dynamics during this long late-winter stretch.

Our early-release today, in other words, provided welcome release.


  1. Ah, you issued a disclaimer with "perfunctory." No fair. Sounds like a meaningful staff gathering. I'm curious as to where you're on the move to that's also offline? Hope it's a good move.

    1. Nothing major. Weekend away, exploring nearby mountains, proved good.

  2. I really like discussion protocols. I often find myself bristling at the idea, but I almost always end up thinking that the discussions were deeper than I expected. I haven't used this one before, and now I'm thinking maybe I'll try it with my class this week. Thanks for sharing - perfunctory or not.