Friday, March 13, 2020

Scarcity - 3.13 #sol20 Story Challenge

Having read about recent runs on toilet paper, I've joked with teacher friends who've championed independent reading as a distance learning go-to. Should we train our students, I asked, when browsing for books during the developing crisis to shelve enjoyment in favor of practical text choices based on often overlooked qualities like page texture? (shudder)

Feathery versus crisp page edges were far from my mind earlier this afternoon as I stopped at the library on my way home from school. The announcement had come earlier in the day from district officials: schools will be closed next week and the following (which is already on the calendar as spring break). After that period, we'll see where the world stands, if school reconvenes or extends the leave into uncharted territories of remote learning.

Clearly, I needed to visit the library to fortify myself for being shut in; happily, it was still open when I arrived. The PA announcement that libraries, too, would be going on their own two-week hiatus occurred while I was in mid-browse. I had half an hour to check out as much as I could carry, then clear out. I felt sudden empathy for anyone with armfuls of Charmin.


  1. I have also wondered when libraries would begin closing. I hope ours doesn't as many kids go there. I chuckled at your Charmin empathy! very effective last line! Happy reading!

  2. It's so interesting to see how different people prepare for isolation. I downloaded a few books to my Kindle, pulled out some old knitting projects and ordered a new hedge pruner! I am going to buy paint tomorrow! I have tissues if needed!

  3. Amaze went to Festival today & the parking lot was as full as xmas time if not more. On the other hand, As of 4 PM today, our local library is still open. Our schools are closed so going to library and getting some books was definitely a good idea.

  4. Sadly I was bereft this f Charming and books. The shelves in the store were bear last night...and the library was shuttered. Thankfully I have a book stockpile