Sunday, March 15, 2020

Stuck in the middle with YouTube - 3.15 #sol20 Story Challenge

It's the Ides (a.k.a. the middle) of March. While there's plenty to beware, my attention this morning focused instead on a project.

Like many in the world with devices and reliable Internet, I've been immersed this month in news from various sources. That's had me thinking about the slants, biases, and preferred territories of the sundry outlets I've been plugged into. An hour or two of research and link scraping led me to make this:

This collection reminds me, during a period of distancing and connecting from a remove -- if at all, not to get too trapped inside my own bubble. It helps me find (or at least remember to search for) middle grounds, and that feels fitting for these particular Ides.


  1. The term "social distancing" is starting to bug me. I prefer "physical distancing." We can still be social (e.g., this challenge, using social media) while staying far enough away from others to reduce the spread of potential COVID-19 transmission!

  2. Seems like a balancing use of your time. We can watch or read the same feeds and be caught in their view of news.

  3. Leave it to you, Brian, to find the time to share this resource. I already downloaded it.

  4. Wow, this is amazing. I love the links to the news sources. Thank you!