Saturday, March 20, 2021

Alternative fun - 3.20 #sol21 Story Challenge

Picture a group of people clustered on a ski slope. From a distance, it looks like it might be a ski lesson. Clusters of ski patrollers have also swooped past on the same run, so maybe this is more of them. Except, no, most of these skiers are (look again) on their bellies, legs splayed behind, knees bent, skis crisscrossed above their backs a little like a bizarre scorpion stinger. They're sledding, and their bodies are the sleds.

I continue my methodical uphill pace until I'm even with these adventurers: giggling kids and one instructor. "Look at us," I comment, "having alternative fun." The grown-up nods, says "Last day of the season, and they get to do whatever they want." Turns out what they want is to body surf slush.


  1. I bet they were having a blast! Body surf slush, indeed. Both of my boys could get into that.

  2. And here I was thinking it was a new sport I've missed, or a lesson on what to do if you fall down on the slope. Nope, just youthful creativity!

  3. I have not heard of body sledding but I bet the skiers had a fun time. Just a note that I included your winter poem in my 20th slice. I love the entire design and the words. It makes a statement. Thank you, Brian.