Monday, March 8, 2021

Boxed in - 3.8 #sol21 Story Challenge

Fewer than 24 hours after I unboxed a phone to replace one that had seemingly, suddenly self-destructed, I found myself at school for my second unboxing day in as many days. See, I needed to sort out equipment for my first foray into the world of hybrid learning.

Everything had already been unboxed, truth be told. I just needed to put the pieces together. To enumerate:

  1. What a big monitor I have, all the better to see the 20-25% of students who've opted to continue learning from home through the school year's fourth quarter.
  2. What a tall tripod I have, atop which sat a remarkably small web camera, all the better for students at home to see me with, provided I move either constantly or not at all to optimize the lens's fickle focusing feature.
  3. What a brave Chromebook I have; to be determined whether it will prove all the better to juggle these inputs and outputs while maintaining video-call connectivity.
Two colleagues and I took the setup for a test drive this afternoon. We were pleased that the one of us who had called in remotely could participate and be heard via the speakers built into the monitor. We were disappointed, though not surprised, that the Chromebook microphone couldn't pick up my masked voice coming from the far corner of the classroom in a way that was audible to the remote audience. (Note: Pandemic protocols like social distancing and face coverings aren't conducive to excellent digital sound quality.) While we were amused by the closed-captioned approximations that resulted, we figure we need to pave a more reliable road to understanding, especially for remote -- in all senses of that word -- learners.

Students will join the mix Tuesday, and then we'll then start shooting troubles and solving problems together.


  1. I LOVED your little red riding hood frame - so so funny as you unbox and put together a whole new world for your in person/on screen teaching life. If you bring this humor and joy to your teaching, your kiddos will be all right, I just know it :-)

  2. I like the phrase "shooting troubles." So many troubles to shoot this year. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. It was good to read your post, smiling in spite of the problems.