Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I can't believe it's not a run-on sentence 9 - 3.9 #sol21 Story Challenge

Two days after watching the Coming to America sequel (Coming 2 America), I found myself pedaling my bicycle to work on an unseasonably mild day, zigging and zagging along road shoulders, multi-use paths and neighborhood sneaks -- the latter being where I found myself, standing over the top tube of my bike, shimmying it and me through the gate gap in the fence surrounding a local elementary school -- when I paused, surprised, to take in this incongruous sight: scattered on the narrow sidewalk, a public easement between two tall hedges, I saw handfuls of flower petals, deep magenta slashed with sunshine yellow, not connected to any ostentatious plant nearby, which made me wonder abruptly, "Might some members of the royal family of Zamunda have passed this way mere moments before I?"


  1. Truly impressive. Love the bicycle slices graphic

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  3. Oh Brian, I didn´t realize how much I missed reading your blog until I read this post. I am so happy I saw your slice today :)