Saturday, March 27, 2021

Phew: clerihew - 3.27 #sol21 Story Challenge

With this month dwindling rapidly, I'm overdue
for a clerihew!

We met a mountain guide named Joe
near Mount Uneva, scouting solo,
for ski lines where he could lead paying clients
who trust his understanding of snow science.


  1. Clients... science... clever rhyme. :)

  2. Not just clever but quick. And the lesson are about my speed too. Nice effect with transparent slice too/

  3. How fun! I never heard of a clerihew. Thanks for adding the link. I’ll have to try this with my students - perfect for poetry month.

  4. Now I have to go learn about the clerihew. Thanks for the fun read.

  5. This is great, learning another form of poetry. Thanks for giving us a link as well as the poem.