Thursday, March 4, 2021

Reading gifts keep giving - 3.4 #sol21 Story Challenge

A member of the school library staff and I teamed up to apply for a grant earlier this year. We were inspired by this project that involved matching young people with new books to read and, through that effort, we saw a way to respond to literacy needs both related to and independent of the pandemic.

After beating the virtual bushes last fall for 405 student-interest surveys and then assembling and delivering that number of reading care packages in January, we checked in this week to gauge students' reactions. One prompt we posed involved students shopping a list of adjectives to find one that summed up their reactions. We asked them to justify their choice, and here are some of the most encouraging:

  • "Thrilled, because I don't read books but this book looks interesting to read and I'm hoping to find [more] books like this."
  • "Helpful because it taught me how to go into the year positive."
  • "Delightful. I picked this adjective because it has been fun getting a book that I have never heard of yet to keep for myself."
  • "Thankful because it has opened my mind to new books."
  • "Bright because it made my year of online feel a bit brighter."
  • "Helpful because I wasn't reading as often when the second semester started and this really got me back into it :)"
  • "Grateful because I got to see how many amazing books there are which match what I like."
  • "I would describe it as successful, because the book I got is honestly so perfect for me."
  • "Excited because now I really like to read, and I look forward to reading each night."
P.S. In addition to a book, each middle-school student we serve received at least one associated bookmark with further reading recommendations. Here's the digital copy of those bookmarks in case they prove useful for you and readers you know.


  1. Such a wonderful idea and it was a pleasure to read the responses by your students.

  2. Thank you!! What a great resource....I really appreciate the bookmarks