Saturday, March 13, 2021

Safety first or tenth - 3.13 #sol21 Story Challenge

Quick slice as today's posting deadline is looming: Snow is dosing my environs, which meant my second vaccination date officially got postponed until next week. On the same day I learned this mildly disappointing news, I received email from my health insurer, notifying me that an explanation of benefits had just become available. Turns out that was related to my first shot three weeks ago. To ascertain that fact, I had to jump through the usual hoops to access an online portal I rarely visit. My visits are so rare, in fact, that the system demanded I set a new password before the digital gatekeeper would let me through. "Fine," I thought to myself, no longer surprised by extra layers of security. I did give one go at seeing if the system would accept me entering my old password, but that attempt was quickly denied. What I saw next, though, did surprise me. A scolding error message said that I could not enter my previous password or any ten I've used on the site before. I'm accustomed to rotating passwords, but ten? TEN? My memory looks at its cards and folds. I suspect I'll be clicking the "Forgot your password?" feature the next I need to log in.



  1. I had to jump through similar hoops when I tried to log on to get my vaccine a couple of weeks ago. I so hate the "you can't use a password you have already used!" message. I hope you can get the vaccine soon!

  2. I too go through this in netbanking and have to sit and think for the new password 😃

  3. Great that you're getting your second shot!! Congratulations!