Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Today, I believe, represented the largest number of young people with whom I've shared an actual classroom in over a year. I'm rereading that first sentence to myself because I find it barely believable. I counted 17 students, seated compliantly in desks arranged in rows, each separated by at least three feet from the next. They all remembered to bring charged devices to school; their families cleared new hurdles by submitting electronic health screeners in timely fashion. A video set-up cobbled together at the front of the classroom brought another seven students into the proceedings from home. I plopped into what I wrongly thought of as a command center of sorts, toggling my attention between the remote and in-person crews. We were all using laptops to mediate our participation, yet we were together. ("Together"?)

We read aloud and discussed two poems. Even with our masks deployed effectively, we could all hear each other, whether in the room or patched in digitally.

Everyone contributed, by speaking or writing or both.

That's something.


  1. It's a gain. It's different but we're navigating in a direction that feels a little more familiar. But I'm not sure how easy it was to toggle your attention like you did. But at least everyone contributed. As you said it's something. Something positive.

  2. It is definitely something! We've been hybrid - in a configuration much like you describe - since September. It's a little odd at first, but it gets easier. And I've learned to appreciate the various ways they can all participate like this - aloud, in the chat, in comments... in some ways, they are more "present" than ever. Good luck as you continue like this!

  3. That IS something! Even with make and distancing, I love being in the classroom with students. I missed it so much last year and my school has been in person since September. I'm so glad for you and your students.