Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spring training - 3.31 #sol21 Story Challenge

We land at the Challenge's end, a
small miracle. We have each become a student
of daily habit, presented
for the first time or again with this writing place, theirs or ours, hers or his,
welcomed to the fold of a just so, chef-turned omelet.

It amazes us still how the
writing ritual itself becomes our instructor.
At a keyboard, we poked
until it
surrendered (or revealed) a slice. And
perhaps once, an idea shook
us so suddenly -- as a hitter who meets his
bat head
to a ball that he
even bother
size up, the abrupt taste
coming only from the unseeing instinct of it.
I sometimes know how he
feels, tipped
over with the swing's effort, putting his all into it,
blind hope that the result will be more than trash;
the payoff of essential optimism, not unlike an
unexpectedly delicious filling cached in an omelet.

Our simple writerly wants
might in fact distill to
a wish to be
vulnerably soft
when standing in
of earthly bustle, pillowy
any and every experience, the
unthinkable alternative being to lose touch.

Source text for this golden shovel poem: Dirt by Bill Buford, page 130


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts and thank you so much for reading mine. I appreciate them.

  2. WOW! You rocked this poem format. As the reader, I just read and enjoyed the poem. I especially liked the comparisons to baseball. This line is slicking with me: writing ritual itself becomes our instructor.
    Then I recalled you proclaiming this was a golden shovel poem and sure enough, as I read the last word of each line, it was a sentence from the book you quote at the end. I'm so curious about your process to do this. I've tried it once but very quickly abandoned and never finished. SO glad I took time to read your final post today. Thnaks for sharing. Writing really is an amazing process, filled with surprises. Congrats on a month of ritual. I know it taught both of us lots!

  3. This is an interesting way to play with the golden shovel poem form. Successfully executed, I might add. I saw it with the "We Real Cool" poem by Gwendolyn Brooks. I'll have to try it. Brian, it's been a real pleasure connecting with you. I've loved reading your writing and enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks!