Thursday, March 18, 2021

Time machine - 3.18 #sol21 Story Challenge

In the tradition of tooth fairies
stealthily swapping coins for canines,

unseen strangers sweeping snow, unasked,
from windshields and walks not their own,

samaritans picking up others' trash from the grass
and dropping it in the nearest receptacle,

yesterday (better late than never),
in a quiet moment just past dawn,
I set all six
of the school hall's portable clocks
ahead one hour.


  1. I enjoyed the alliteration in this poem and your word choice. Something about this poem is light and joyful to me. The kindness of others is always appreciated.

  2. Lovely! Those little good deeds are what make the world go round! A poem is the perfect format for capturing this little moment.

  3. Kindness means there is hope in this world.
    My daughter is in Germany, she was saying about changing the time. We do not have it here.

  4. I'm going with mensch! I like how you first introduce us to those snow shoveling strangers, and garbage do-gooders and then show us your good deed. Bravo, Brian.