Sunday, March 14, 2021

Timing's everything - 3.14 #sol21 Story Challenge

I'm sitting by the window, wondering what I should write a slice about tonight. Even as I think 'tonight,' it doesn't feel right, given how bright the world still looks. Wet snow coats everything. School on Monday has already been canceled.

Movement across the street tugs my gaze. I see a man in snowshoes trudge across the whitewashed landscape. Out of view, I hear a plow scrape by. Another sound punctuates my musing: a layer of snow slathered on the roof slides off and thumps on the ground. And, still, the flakes sift down.

Spring ahead? Hardly.


  1. The snow this time of year is fleeting and will melt sooner rather than later....but I do here the WOE in your post and wish you spring weather that does not include that white stuff that cancels school.

  2. Your world of snow is so different, your post makes me imagine it because in winter of 2017 I was with my daughter in Germany and experienced snowfall for the first time and loved it.

  3. That March! They made up that lion and lamb for a reason. Seventy one day, snow the next. Just don’t get me started on time change. Perhaps you can sleep in tomorrow.

  4. Hope you can enjoy those flakes sifting down and a real snow day. Stay safe! Spring will come in April, perhaps?