Friday, March 19, 2021

Twofer - 3.19 #sol21 Story Challenge

Two observations from today about two pieces of technology that I habitually overlook:

1. Toilet flappers. A cranky commode (in my abode!) gave what amounted to its final cry for help -- more of a whimper, really. Sounds of water dripping in the wee hours suggested something in the bathroom plumbing wasn't right. My light-sleeping wife was the one who stirred, and she honed in on said toilet as the sound source. For a quick fix, she shut off the water valve. Later, in waking daylight hours, we ascertained that the flapper was practically in tatters. (Water, your combination of harmlessness and destructiveness always amazes me.) A trip to the hardware store was called for, and that leads to...

2. Self check-outs. As someone who still recalls formative high-school work experience behind a grocery-store cash register, I have mixed feelings about the reassigning of this labor to customers. Today, with a new flapper in hand, I made an unexpected discovery. Self check-outs are still legion, and yet there's new work for people to do during the pandemic: Between each customer transaction, an employee whisked in to swipe every touchpoint with a sanitizing wipe.

Anyone want to wager on the future delivery date of self-cleaning self check-outs? What if I set the over/under as before or after my newly seated flapper next fails?

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