Friday, March 5, 2021

Up and up - 3.5 #sol21 Story Challenge

In the waning days of the quarter, one question never fails to come up.


  1. The last day of the quarter is the most exhausting day for me as a teacher. This was the perfect way to write about it!

  2. I reply with, why is it important now?, why haven't you done the work along the way?, what can you do next time to earn a grade more to your liking? and I don't accept "I don't know." for an answer.

  3. Not quite concrete, a form of it's own. Nifty. Sharing to my FB poetry page,Poets & Writers Picnic.

  4. Great form! Love it - and when I taught 6th grade,I got that question too! I would try not to be too sarcastic... because I just wanted to say "I don't know... do your work each day?"

  5. Ah yes... It happens at every level. Fun and funny form.