Saturday, March 19, 2022

Borrowed time - 3.19 #sol22 Story Challenge

My school, among others, will be
on spring break next week.
My plans remain
shapeless, which is fine.
I'm still occupying
some pandemic limbo between doing
and not. For example, today I put a dent
in doing taxes, then little else.

For the record, no itemizing
on this household's forms, yet I did count
more than a few blessings.
Among them: that glow of
anticipation leading up to and through
a library visit, its only agenda,
being finding good things
to read during
the several days to come.


  1. Love finding me some good books! Enjoy your break!

  2. Mmm... we're winding up our March Break (Canadian for "Spring Break" because, well, it's only just barely Spring-ish around here) and I've got quite a few library books to turn in. Here's hoping that your library wandering yields delightful results.

  3. Yes, still in that pandemic limbo, did taxes this week too, and I have a reserved book to pick up from the library. Hope you enjoy time off to do as you please.

  4. Well, I am jealous. Our break is not until the week after Easter, which seems like a million years away. My goal at that time is to remain "shapeless" in the space between "doing and not". And, of course, a trip to the library! I've been making my list for a couple weeks. Enjoy your time in a chair with a great book.

  5. My break is a week away. I don't think I'm going anywhere either. Taxes and a trip to the library are definitely in order!

  6. Your poem slice has me remembering excitement mounting as the school break neared, Brian. Enjoy your reading time.

  7. Oh spring break and books! Sounds just delightful!