Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Mystery machine - 3.16 #sol22 Story Challenge

"There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear." -Buffalo Springfield
(Hat tip yet again, Kathleen Sokolowski. Once I start using song lyrics for inspiration, it's hard to stop.)

A few cars just like this park in an underground commercial garage near where live. I see them coming and going at all hours. Sometimes I notice them cruising around town, curious appendages (cameras?) sticking out of their grills or jutting above their rooflines. They have drivers -- or maybe those are failsafe passengers in a fingers-crossed-self-driving vehicle? Anyway, walking to fetch the mail tonight, I observed what might've been a changing of the guard. Or guinea pig.

A guy gets out of the car as another guy walks up.

"How'd it go out there, Donnie?" the walking-up guy says.

"All right," says Donnie. "It's going all right." He stretches out the last two vowels like he's somehow living large: Aaaaall riiiight.

And with that (not much!), Donnie walks off into the early evening. The second guy takes the wheel. Or at least gets into the car. Or at least sits in the thing that resembles a car, but might actually be some top-secret contraption performing unspeakable experiments on local streets.


  1. How interesting! Maybe a Google street map car? So many ideas for the strange contraptions/cars!

  2. Hmm... I sense a short story coming on... (Even if it is probably Google maps - which is kind of creepy in and of itself.)

  3. Oh God! I wonder what they are doing? Are they friendly looking people? Has anyone asked them what they are doing?

  4. To create such a story, such a mood, such a mystery from just walking to fetch the mail, is slicer genius. Love how you include phrases like "the walking-up guy" and "hat tip yet again."

  5. Curious-er and curious-er...and a terrific story starter.