Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Service(able) economy - 3.23 #sol22 Story Challenge

Went out for dinner last night,
momentous in its own right.

First place darkened, prospects bleak;
restaurant on hiatus this entire week.

Second stop after a leisurely stroll:
Closed for remodeling. (We're on a bad roll!)

Asked the still-toiling tiler, "Where do you recommend?"
He suggested a pub. (Another dead-end?)

Chasing that tip, another spot caught our eye.
Tasty meal there confirmed the charm was our third try.


  1. Brian, I'm so glad that you found a restaurant that was open and tasty. I am still a bit reserved about dining indoors unless it near empty but we do so want to eat in a restaurant. My husband's birthday is Friday and the dilemma remains. He wants prime rib but the place that is delicious would have to be in a crowded indoor spot because it is supposed to rain. The outside patio is not a good spot and besides it is Friday and I don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Solution: He bought huge pieces of boned prime rib so we can eat at my home with the family. Thanks for your poem filled with lovely couplets.

  2. I loved your post, and now I am hungry.

  3. Loved the rhyme here - and the perseverance to find an open and yummy place! I was waiting for takeout the other day and the restaurant was almost closing...2 people came in to try to be seated, but they weren't seating people anymore since they were closing in 10 minutes or so. Oh my goodness did those people get mad! It was hard to watch. I like how you seemed to look at your search for a restaurant as a little rhyming adventure!

  4. I'm impressed that you didn't give up and even more impressed that you were able to craft such a clever poem about the experience.

  5. This is quite cute - the rhyming couplets really work. I'm glad you found a good place to eat *and* you may have given me fodder for a slice about following a recommendation to a restaurant. Hooray!

  6. Such a fun, light slice. Glad you got to eat out, enjoy a tasty meal and play around with your words.