Sunday, March 20, 2022

Slice of somebody else's life - 3.20 #sol22 Story Challenge

I opted for changes of both scenery and activity today, driving to warmer environs and going for a bike ride. My two-wheeled toodle unexpectedly took me past the abode pictured to the right.

It's a house -- and a garage! -- built into the base of a cliff. These structures occupy a fenced-off area, marked by ominous-sounding warning signs about any motor-vehicle use behind those demarcations demanding special permits. I suspect the residents (Bond villains? Retired Hobbits?) have filled out the necessary paperwork. 

While stopping to snap this photo, I had ample time for other wondering, such as: How dark is it in there? Is the visible chimney the only ventilation? What about water and electricity -- how on or off the grid is this pseudo-bunker?

All of these queries will remain unanswered because, as I mentioned, this is somebody else's life, and I was just pedaling through.


  1. Wow, that photo is very other worldly. No wonder you had all those questions! A part of me is prompting you to go back and find some answers!

  2. Not retired hobbits 🙂 , when I think of Hobbit houses I imagine gently sloping green hills. It reminds me of the caves of Ajanta and Ellora .

  3. I love your word choice and tone- and your curious wonderings about the odd house! Pedaling through another's reality....

  4. Wow. Never have I snapped such a picture, nor seen such a scene. That picture certainly makes for a wonderful writing prompt. Perhaps enlarge and hang it in your classroom.

  5. That photo could have been taken today or in 1950. You’ve cycled through time!