Monday, March 28, 2022

Where there's smoke - 3.28 #sol22 Story Challenge

As Prometheus taught us,
fire's a two-sided substance.
I see farmers, on purpose,
dripping flames on stubbled fields--
prescribed-burn magic.

Flashback--downslope Chinook winds
stoke hungry tongues that lick 
and eat one-thousand houses.
Fast forward--ashy billows
signal more to burn.


  1. Three months ago, I watched in horror as 1000 houses twenty minutes west of me, burned to the ground. This weekend, I wondered if it was starting all over again.

    I love the way you linked specific words to another form of media. I may have to try this next month during National Poetry month.

  2. Your environment sounds scary. My husband tells me, through a friend living in the Denver area, that this is the driest it has been. And, that new home cost include a "tap" fee for each tap installed (!?!?)

  3. One of the causes for high pollution in Delhi is the burning in fields in surrounding areas.